Gluten free conversion chart

Gluten free conversion chart

It’s Spring or at least it is here in the Southwest… I know we get our seasons a bit confused but we don’t mind! The sun is shining and picnics, zoo trips and road trips are sure to be on the agenda. It’s also festival season. Almost every weekend there is an art festival or cultural event like the Greek festival. This weekend we could attend the Renaissance, beer, art, or Greek festival; The Oasis classic car show, coin show or attend a Gigantic Bunco party in Lake Havasu City. So if you like to get out of the house there was something to do.

I’m often surprised to find food I can eat at these festivals and it’s happening more and more. The world is starting to take notice of us travelers with Celiac or Gluten Intolerances, multiple food allergies, diabetes and other dietary restrictions. It happens – but I don’t count on it.

Before I leave for any event -I pack a bag. In case you were wondering – my favorite travel food is a gluten-free blueberry muffin. I make a batch, freeze them and take them with me on the road. They help keep the rest of my food cool in my travel case and thaw really quickly at room temperature. I find that baking my own muffins allows me to control the ingredients that I may want to avoid like Xanthan Gum. I also often make them sugar free!

Here is a nifty conversion chart that a friend posted on Facebook in case you want to try making something delicious for your next excursion. I’m ready to do lots of yummy baking this Spring!

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