Adieu USA? Many Boomers Are Making That Choice

Adieu USA? Many Boomers Are Making That Choice

Finally! Your Freedom to Travel…

Adieu USA? Many Boomers Are Making That Choice

Some friends of mine, I’ll call them Susan and Bob, knew long ago that their retirement dream involved beachfront living. Unfortunately, when they learned how much that would cost them in their chosen destination of San Diego, they realized they couldn’t afford it.

Today, Susan and Bob are living the life they dreamed in a beautiful home that’s just steps from the Pacific Ocean…in Mexico. They realized their retirement dream by leaving the high prices of the U.S. behind them, and they are not alone. A 2007 survey noted that 10 percent of all Baby Boomers were interested in retiring outside the U.S., with a significant number choosing Central American countries like Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Belize and Brazil.

Being able to achieve a higher standard of living than would be possible in the U.S. is the main reason Boomers are heading abroad. One issue they may have, however, is language. While English is widely spoken around the world, when you choose to live outside the U.S., you really do need to become at least conversationally fluent in the language of your adopted country. Using Rx: The Freedom to Travel Language Series is a great way to become more familiar with a new language and be able to deal with health issues from food allergies to diabetes.

Susan and Bob live just a short drive from San Diego, so continue to take care of their medical needs in the U.S. If you plan to really “go native,” you simply must be able to express yourself in the native tongue, especially when it comes to issues affecting your health.

Here is a great news article about boomers moving to Mexico — just like my friends did.


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