A Beautiful Life Touched By Freedom

A Beautiful Life Touched By Freedom

I would like to offer you a little glimpse behind the scenes of Rx: The Freedom to Travel. There is a team of us working to support this wonderful product and program. My name is Karen and I am inspired to share with you because Rx: The Freedom to Travel speaks to me, both because of some complicated food allergies and being the mother of a paraplegic son.

Rx: The Freedom To Travel - Sam and Karen - Mother's Day
Sam and Karen enjoying freedom to travel on Mother’s Day

I know first-hand the challenges of traveling and of negotiating restaurants right in my own neighborhood, to find food that is safe for me to order and eat. I also have dealt with so many issues of wheelchair access, equipment that needs repair, and finding medical supplies or care in a pinch or a full-blown emergency when we are far from home. The food allergies have inspired me to study nutrition and to work toward becoming a health mentor and nutritional counselor. My specialty is the Paleo diet, but I work with people from where they are and the dietary and lifestyle paths that they specifically need to pursue.

My lovely son, Sam passed away at the age of 24, four years ago. It has been a long and challenging journey, learning to live without him. I would love to continue sharing the world with him, but I can tell you that when it was all said and done for him, some of the greatest joys were the adventures we experienced. We took him on family outings, skiing with special equipment. Oh, he loved that! He rappelled into a cavern in the foothills of Northern California and felt absolutely triumphant! A trip to New York City opened a world of art and music that enriched him deeply.

These are priceless experiences, and are treasures that I still enjoy as I remember Sam and feel the deep love that continues to live in my heart.

I share from my heart to yours how important and special it is for families to experience the world together. I know the challenges of negotiating with special needs. In a way it makes it all the more wonderful to overcome those challenges and find ways to get out and see how the sun shines on other cultures and to feel unfamiliar oceans, mountains, rivers, to taste the flavors of other lands, and to take in the sights and sounds of exotic cities.

Rx: The Freedom to Travel provides a key to unlock the language barrier for people who want to travel and need to be able to handle critical issues that might arise. We are in the process of developing another set of audio books and apps specific to the particular situations of children with special needs. This provides a wonderful opportunity and I am happy to be part of it!


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